Maintenance tips for hardware locks


For example: the door handle at home, the shower head for bathing, the faucet in the kitchen, the hinge of the wardrobe, the lever of the suitcase, the zipper on the ladies' bags, etc. may all be made of hardware.

Locks are the most easily overlooked hardware accessories in daily life. However, in our daily life, we have to deal with all kinds of locks, which play a vital role in security. After the lock is installed, most people neglect the management and basically do not do any maintenance on the lock. The editor summarizes some tips for the maintenance of locks for you.

1. Some zinc alloy and copper locks will "spot" after a long time of use. Don't think that this is rust, but it is actually oxidation. Just spray it with the surface wax to "remove the spot".

2. After the lock has been used for a long time, the key will not be smoothly inserted and pulled out. At this time, as long as a little graphite powder or pencil powder is applied, the key can be inserted and pulled out smoothly.

3. The rotating parts of the lock body should always be lubricated to keep the rotation smooth. At the same time, it is recommended to check whether the tightening screws are loose in half a year to ensure tightening.

4. The lock should not be exposed to rain for a long time, otherwise the small spring inside the lock will rust and become inflexible. The falling rain contains nitric acid and nitrate, which will also corrode the lock.

5. When the key is turned to open the door, do not directly pull the key to open the door without the lock core returning to its original position.

Two, bathroom hardware maintenance tips

1. Open the doors and windows frequently to keep the air in the bathroom unobstructed. The separation of dry and wet is the maintenance method of the bathroom pendant.

2. Do not place wet items on the hardware pendant. The paint has a corrosive effect on the hanger and cannot be placed together.

3. We usually use shower gel that remains on the chrome-plated surface for a long time, which will degrade the gloss of the surface of the faucet and directly affect the beauty of the bathroom hardware. Therefore, it is necessary to wipe the faucet and hardware with clean water and cotton cloth regularly to ensure the bright luster of the pendant, at least once a week.

4. The wax oil has strong decontamination ability. Applying it on a clean white cotton cloth to thoroughly clean the hardware pendant can prolong the service life of the product.

Note: Please remember that after each cleaning, you must immediately remove all detergents with clean water and dry with a special maintenance cloth for pendants, otherwise there may be unsightly water stains and dirt on the surface of the pendant.

Three, luggage hardware maintenance needs attention

Heavy maintenance of luggage, hardware is the key. Especially for some ladies who like to collect bags, come and pay attention to the maintenance tips for leather bags prepared by the editor for you!

1. The hardware should be wiped with a dry cloth frequently to ensure its luster and prevent discoloration.

2. If there is slight oxidation on the hardware accessories on the luggage, you can try to gently wipe it with flour or toothpaste.

3. Ladies who like to collect bags, when collecting bags, the hardware parts of the bag should be wrapped first.

4. About the box: When switching the lock of the trolley case, do not mix foreign objects in the lock, which will damage the hardware of the trolley case.

Four, kitchen hardware maintenance coup

1. The kitchen cabinet hardware accessories should be wiped with a dry cloth frequently, otherwise it is easy to rust. If you find black spots on the surface of the hardware accessories that are difficult to remove, you can add a little kerosene to wipe.

2. The cabinet hinges will make noise after a long time of use. In order to be smooth and quiet for a long time, you can regularly add lubricating oil for maintenance, 2 to 3 months as a cycle.

3. The hardware in the kitchen should try to avoid collision and scratches with heavy objects and sharp objects; do not pull hard when handling, which will easily damage the hardware at the connection of the furniture.

4. Always wipe the surface of the faucet with a soft cotton cloth or sponge with neutral soapy water to avoid the formation of scale caused by a trace amount of carbonic acid in the water and corrosive effect on the surface of the faucet.

5. It should be avoided that the surface of the faucet faucet collides with hard objects. During the installation of the faucet, do not install it forcibly, so as not to damage the parts of the faucet.

Five, the maintenance of doors, windows, wardrobe hardware accessories

1. The stainless steel handle of the door or wardrobe can be wiped with bright detergent to make it more bright and dazzling.

2. Moving parts such as hinges, hanging wheels, casters and other moving parts of the wardrobe may stick to dust and reduce their performance during long-term movement. Therefore, one or two drops of lubricating oil every six months or so can keep them smooth.

3. When the aluminum profile around the window is dirty, wipe it with clean water cotton cloth, and dry it with dry cotton cloth.

4. It is forbidden to pedal hard on the aluminum window frame of the window to avoid damage to the window.

5. Pay special attention to the direction of rotation and stretching of the handle, and avoid using dead force. For children at home, educate them well, do not hang on the handles of wardrobes and doors and swing, which not only threatens the personal safety of children, but also may cause damage to doors and wardrobes.